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Airline & Airport Security

It’s good to get away for a while, but security is a huge issue these days, especially when flying. Airport security procedures are tight and seem to change constantly. Tragically, these precautions became absolutely necessary following 9/11 and will remain in place for the forseeable future, thereby helping to prevent future occurrences and making our flight experiences safer and less stressful.

The Aviation and Transportation Security Act (ATSA), signed into law by President George W. Bush on 19 November 2001, established the Transportation Security Administration as the authority on matters relating to federal airport security. The TSA website can provide you with the latest information on airport security measures and how they may impact your flight, including tips to help get you through airport terminal security procedures with minimal inconvenience.

Don’t forget that security doesn’t stop once you’ve boarded the aircraft. Passenger behavior on board an aircraft in flight also falls under jurisdiction of the federal government; a passenger who fails to obey a direct order by a member of a flight crew, or who engages in suspicious or threatening behavior, can be charged with a Federal crime and may face stiff fines and imprisonment.

Security includes personal safety as well. Emergencies, usually mechanical or weather-related, do happen, although flying is still far safer than riding in an automobile. Be attentive to the cabin safety briefing so that you know what procedures to follow if an emergency arises.

An individual experiencing a medical emergency on board an aircraft cannot receive rapid medical treatment, so be certain any medication you or any family member might require is on either your or their person and not in stowed luggage where it is inaccessible. Before flying, see Traveler Information by the TSA for tips on how to prepare for and what you need to know during your flight to make it safe and comfortable.

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