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Travel Weather Reports & Local Weather Forecasts

Travel weather reports and local weather forecasts are an essential element of trip planning. Knowing what travel weather conditions await you enroute and at your destination can make the difference between a wonderful or a miserable vacation experience. Don’t assume the weather will be nice where you are going, even if that is the norm. Begin checking the local weather forecast for your destination as an initial part of your trip planning. Plan your activities around the weather expected for the region you are visiting. Pack apparel appropriate for the local forecast weather there.

As your day of departure draws near, check travel weather reports more frequently. Remember that the weather is changeable. Be prepared to modify your travel plans and repack with appropriate gear. You may also want to consider trip insurance (also known as travel insurance or holiday insurance) that will reimburse you for vacation costs should a last-minute weather fiasco turn your vacation into a less than desirable affair.

Authored by Kenneth L. Anderson.  Original article published 14 July 2003, updated 29 April 2005.

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