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Website Link Exchange Policy

NOTICE:   Unfortunately, link exchange has undergone widespread abuse. We continue to be inundated with requests from link farms, non-relevant sites and third-party, third-rate SEO organizations hired by apparently clueless webmasters who just don’t grasp the concept of quality. For this reason, effective 1 November 2008, consideration for our link exchange program will be BY INVITATION ONLY. We will not respond to any request for link exchange unless we feel the associated site is HIGHLY PERTINENT to our own content, and then only if a personal request is made by the site owner or webmaster.

That having been said, if you are a webmaster, link exchange is an excellent way to generate interest in and traffic to your website. Apart from visitors migrating directly to your site from link exchange partners, the benefit of increased search engine traffic derived from having your website spidered through hyperlinks can be enormous. Ten Spider Enterprises, LLC, pursues a policy of quality reciprocal link exchange through its Spider Silk Link Partners Program. Link exchange should be mutually beneficial to both parties. We have far too often encountered situations in which webmasters requesting link exchange have not followed proper link exchange etiquette, thereby costing us considerable wasted time and effort. In fact, over 90 percent of requests for link exchange do not meet our criteria. We have therefore established a Website Link Exchange Policy and have included written procedures detailing exactly how a request for link exchange with our site should be executed.


At Ten Spider Enterprises, LLC, we are proud of our websites and constantly strive to improve them. For this reason, we are quite selective with respect to websites we accept for Spider Silk Link Exchange Partnership. We constantly seek quality sites as reciprocal link exchange partners.

If you would like to be considered for Spider Silk Link Exchange Partnership, please read and comply with the following membership requirements.
  1. We DO NOT accept the following websites as link exchange partners:
    • Adult entertainment websites;
    • Hate or warez websites;
    • Gambling websites;
    • Any website that we deem to be inappropriate for viewing by children;
    • Websites that are discriminatory or deceptive in nature or that espouse discriminatory or deceptive practices;
    • Websites that advertise or endorse highly questionable products or services, including those under scrutiny by consumer or law enforcement agencies;
    • Websites that knowingly attempt to download browser add-ons, pop-up generators or active spyware without explicit visitor consent;
    • Websites that knowingly attempt to download any computer security threat such as active spyware, viruses or worms;
    • Any non-themed website such as link farms and content-poor advertising sites, including sites whose primary content is third-party advertising;
    • Websites with undesirable behaviors such as excessive pop-ups, irritating graphics such as rapidly flashing banner ads, or browser hijacking;
    • Any website that we feel is not in keeping with the spirit and themes of the Ten Spider Enterprises family of websites, unless such a website is viewed by us as providing a significant contribution to the internet community at large.

  2. Your link page(s) or other pages from which you link to our site must display an organized structure that we deem appropriate to both human visitors and search engine spiders. We WILL NOT exchange links with any website that has the appearance of a link farm.

  3. Your link to our website must be on a page hyperlinked directly from your home page, on the home page itself, or on a page equivalent in stature to your home page. Link directories occupying multiple daisy-chained pages may not be acceptable to us, as pages near the end of the chain tend to have much lower search engine page ranks than the page at the head of the chain. Additionally, we usually will not agree to link with a website having more than thirty (30) links per page, as pages with an excessive number of links are not looked upon favorably by search engines and often are not browsed deeply by visitors.

  4. Your link exchange page must be an unframed HTML (HyperText Markup Language), XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language) or SSI (Server Side Includes) formatted page. By way of example, unframed pages with an extension of  .html, .htm or .php are acceptable, as they are known by us to be viewable by search engine spiders.

  5. Your link exchange page and any page that links to it MUST NOT contain a no index meta tag, a no follow meta tag, or any functional component that acts in a similar manner to impede search engine robots from gaining access to outgoing links on your link exchange page. Such constructs directly violate the concept and spirit of link exchange.

  6. Your link to our website must be in HTML or XHTML format unless we choose to provide you with a banner. Dynamically-generated database links are not acceptable, as these may not be accessible by search engine spiders.

    We have provided HTML link exchange code below for many of our Theme Pages. If you desire to link to a page on one of our websites that is not included in the list below, we will generate appropriate HTML or XHTML code for you upon request. Use of the website descriptions we provide is appreciated. However, if your link exchange structure consists of hyperlinks without descriptive text, the text may be excluded to conform to your existing format.

  7. You should establish a functional hyperlink to one of our websites before requesting link exchange. If, after thoroughly reading the information on this page, you have a technical question, a question regarding your website’s eligibility for our program, or would like to link to a page other than those provided in the HTML link exchange code below, use the Contact Us link at the top right corner of this page using Link Exchange Question as the Subject Line of your email. If you are especially concerned as to whether your website will qualify, we can preview your website and pre-qualify it before you expend the effort of establishing a link to our site. Please allow at least 48 hours for pre-qualification.

  8. When soliciting a reciprocal link from us, please adhere to the requirements of the CAN-SPAM Act; include a valid email address and the physical address of your company. A phone number is helpful. We must also know your name and title or position within your company or organization. We do not accept requests for link exchange from third parties. Due to the high volume of third party requests we receive, we will not respond to such requests or to any request which is incomplete or which we believe to be deceptive.

  9. Contact us to let us know you have installed a link to one of our websites. Your contact email must not be a mass-produced or automated email; we consider such requests to be for spam links and will not respond. (Yes, we can tell.) Write us a personal email elucidating why a link to YOUR website will benefit our visitors. Be sure to provide the URL for the link so we can locate it on your site. In addition, provide a brief description (about two sentences maximum) that you would like us to post with your link. We may shorten your description if we feel it is too lengthy.

Upon receipt of your email requesting link exchange partnership, we will verify your link to our website and perform one of the following actions:
  • If your website qualifies for Spider Silk Link Exchange Partnership, we will install a reciprocal link to your site on our Spider Silk Link Exchange Partners page or the most closely related directory page, usually within 24 hours. Our directory pages are referenced on our Spider Silk Link Exchange Partners page, in our Master SiteMap, and from the local sitemap of the Theme Page to which each is attached.

  • We may install a content link on one or more Topic Pages on our site. Installation of Topic Page links is at our discretion. After we have completed reciprocal link installation, we will send you a welcoming email identifying the locations of any links we have directed to your website.

  • If we feel your website does not qualify for inclusion in our program due to a specific reason but is otherwise acceptable, we will notify you by email, informing you as to why we did not accept your site. If at a future date you feel that your website complies with our Website Requirements for Link Exchange, you may reapply for admission. Note that we will not respond to any request for what we feel is a spam link (automated or mass-produced request).

  • We may ask you to modify or correct certain aspects of your link to us or the page from which you link to us in order to gain acceptance to our program. You may choose to comply with this request and inform us of such compliance, discuss the situation with us further to seek clarification or to convince us that we should modify our decision, or abandon your request for a reciprocal link from us.

  • We may grant your website conditional approval for a specified period of time. If this is done, we will inform you of concerns we have that have prompted the conditional status. After the specified time period has elapsed, we will reevaluate the situation that prompted the conditional status to make a final determination as to whether your website will be granted full admission to our program.

If you notify us of all pages on our site to which you have linked and we later need to relocate any of these pages, we will notify you prior to the move so you can update your links.

In order for Spider Silk Link Exchange Partners to remain in good standing in the program, member websites must continue to conform to our stated Website Link Exchange Policy. Links to our websites must remain operational (We allow for intermittent failure due to normal web hosting problems.) and verifiable. If you need to relocate a link to our site, you must inform us at least five business days prior to relocation unless it is due to emergency, in which case you must inform us as soon as possible. Members falling out of compliance will be warned and, if they do not come back into compliance within a reasonable period of time, will have their membership rescinded and their links terminated. Members whose links have been terminated will not be able to reapply for partnership for a period of six months.

Ten Spider Enterprises, LLC, reserves the right to modify the terms of our Website Link Exchange Policy and our Spider Silk Link Exchange Partner Program at any time without prior notice by posting any such modification of terms to this page.

SPECIAL NOTE REGARDING THREE-WAY LINKING:   Three-way linking, so named because it involves link exchange between three websites instead of two, has become a much-touted and much-abused strategy among novice or unscrupulous link managers. This link exchange format should more accurately be termed indirect linking because its purpose is to conceal an exchange of links between websites in an attempt to fool search engines into thinking that only one-way links exist.

When employed in a manner consistent with proper link building principles, selective resource link exchange represents a powerful method for driving targeted traffic to websites. A valid selective resource link exchange is one in which all links are directed to the best possible resource regardless of where that resource might be located. This is the type of link exchange we practice.

As an example of proper selective resource link exchange, a dog rescue agency serving Atlanta, Georgia, would be listed on our Georgia Pet Adoption - Georgia Pet Rescue page because that is the page most directly related to the agency’s role of local dog rescue and adoption in Atlanta. We would recommend that the agency link to our Pet Adoption & Rescue page because 1) we have a broader goal of educating visitors about pet rescue and adoption throughout the U.S. and internationally and 2) visitors to the Atlanta dog rescue site may also be interested in adopting a pet other than a dog. By the way, if the dog rescue agency happens to be a breed rescue that specializes in golden retrievers, that agency would also be listed on our Golden Retriever Rescue page.

Three-way linking is commonly employed by link managers as a method of beefing up website search engine rankings without regard for the welfare of link exchange partners. Potential partners are typically told what a great benefit three-way link exchange can be for them, and are then offered a link to a mass marketing directory often containing hundreds or even thousands of links. These directories are usually poorly targeted, are often nothing more than glorified link farms, and may even be banned by search engines. Such an offer of link exchange should be disregarded. Link exchange should be beneficial to both parties, pertinent to the content of both parties’ websites, and should serve as a valuable resource to website visitors.


I encourage anyone who possesses writing ability and sufficient knowledge of any subject falling within the major themes of our websites to write for us. While we cannot pay for this service, I ensure that any articles received and used will be properly credited to the author. An article used as anchor text for one of our web pages must be unique, becomes the property of Ten Spider Enterprises, LLC, and will bear joint copyright of Ten Spider Enterprises, LLC, and the author, but will retain the author’s name and may optionally carry a link to the author’s website or the website of an organization he or she represents. An article used as a stand-alone feature will remain the property of the author, used with their permission. Authors may specify how they wish their work to be used; we reserve the right to refuse any article that does not meet our usage requirements or to edit anchor text articles. Any article receiving more than superficial edits (such as grammar and punctuation corrections) will be returned to the author for approval prior to publication. Our authoring program is an excellent way to receive recognition for your knowledge and writing talent and to inform our visitors on important issues.


Kenneth L. Anderson
President, Ten Spider Enterprises, LLC

Authored by Kenneth L. Anderson.   Original policy published 25 April 2004, updated 18 November 2008.

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