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Support Our Troops!

To All American Citizens:  Whether you have been in favor of or opposed to the ongoing military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, you should support the brave soldiers, airmen, sailors and other military and civilian personnel involved in the conflicts and engaged in humanitarian operations to assist the Iraqi and Afghan people. These individuals are placing their lives and well being at risk so we can retain the Freedom we have come to take for granted and so others might taste that Freedom for the very first time in their lives. We owe these individuals a debt of gratitude that cannot be measured. Our hearts go out to their families, especially to those families who have lost their loved ones in ongoing hostilities.

Be it by simple comment or by more direct means, please show your support for the men and women who make this great sacrifice for Our Country, as well as for our other military personnel deployed in far-flung outposts throughout the World. At the same time, do not forget those military personnel of our Allies, who make equal sacrifice.

Follow links to the right to learn more about organizations that assist our military personnel and their families and can help you show your support for our troops. At the left margin, Related Links address topics of interest pertaining to the military, national security, homeland security and other security and consumer protection issues. View the Security & Consumer Protection SiteMap for a complete list of security and consumer protection topics.

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