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Defense & Military News

The vast majority of nations on Earth maintain some degree of military readiness. Military news can be derived from any aspect of the military that is deemed to be newsworthy, that is, of sufficient interest or importance to be reported on or discussed by news organizations or concerned individuals.

Military news can encompass a wide array of topics:
  • Military funding and procurement;
  • Military operations (during war and in peacetime, foreign and domestic);
  • Weaponry and hardware;
  • Strategy and tactics;
  • Military assets;
  • Military statistics;
  • Conscription, enlistment, careers and training;
  • Military justice, behavior and ethics;
  • Military uniforms and ceremonies;
  • War injuries and rehabilitation;
  • Military families;
  • Military retirement and veterans;
  • Military organizations;
  • Military inventions;
  • Military history.
Nearly everyone’s life is touched by the military in some way. For this reason, we should all have at least a passing interest in military news.

While the lion’s share of military news evolves directly from the military itself and from media outlets that follow military activities, a variety of secondary sources exist; these include defense contractors, think tanks, lobbyists, government officials (non-military) and special interest groups. Because issues involving the military can often be emotionally charged (due to the inherently violent nature of war and the high expense of funding a capable military), it is important to seek accurate and timely information regarding military topics in which you have an interest. Standard media outlets are not your best sources for accurate military news; their reporting is often incomplete and biased. Choose sources carefully and seek corroboration from multiple sources to discover the best military news available.

Authored by Kenneth L. Anderson.  Original article published 20 November 2012.

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