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Software Learning & Training Tutorials

Software learning and training tutorials, a form of computer based training or CBT, provide a convenient and effective method by which to learn new skills or reinforce those skills you have already acquired. Software tutorials are typically delivered on CD-ROM disks; CBT may also be provided as online learning courses over the internet. eBooks represent a third computer learning alternative.

Many software tutorials rely upon interactive learning, enabling the student to actually perform tasks being taught as the material is presented. Some software learning and training tutorials, especially those for children, can react dynamically, altering their responses and teaching paths based upon choices selected by the student. Interactive learning through use of a software tutorial you have installed on your computer is effective because you can execute commands and immediately see the results as you receive instruction.

Software tutorials and software learning and training are great ways to learn because you can truly learn at your own pace, with the ability to pause, return to a previous topic, or even stop for a while if you develop information overload. We highly recommend these convenient learning tools. Most software tutorials are relatively inexpensive, equivalent to or cheaper than a textbook or comparable learning course at a community college.

Video Professor®, whose software tutorials are designed for those seeking to learn new computer skills, will provide you with a first tutorial of your choice for free, just to get you started and show you how easy it is! The Newbie Club, another excellent source for tuning your computer skills, provides a wealth of free information on their website in addition to their tutorials; better yet, their content is free of “Geek-Speak”, so even the most inexperienced computer novice can easily learn.

If you would like to study a foreign language, we recommend Power-Glide,Power-Glide Foreign Language Courses a leader in home and self-education language training. Power-Glide, fully accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (NASCU), offers language skill software learning tutorials for Spanish, French, German, Russian, Japanese and even Latin!

If you are seeking to enhance your knowledge and improve your skills, check out software learning tutorials today!

Authored by Kenneth L. Anderson.  Original article published 23 June 2003, updated 18 January 2006.

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