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Student Financial Aid & Scholarships

How Do I Find Financial Aid?

Student financial aid and college scholarships are becoming harder to find.  The New York Times* has stated, “The first report to document the impact of the government’s new formula for financial aid has found that it will reduce the nation’s largest grant program by $270 million and bar 84,000 college students from receiving any award at all. The report, by the Congressional Research Service, the research arm of Congress, does not calculate the full effect of the changes, since it does not consider the further cuts in student awards that will probably occur once the new formula is applied to billions of dollars in state awards and university grants.”

Chilling stuff, if you are looking toward student financial aid to get you through college, or if you are tight on money but want to take a few courses on the side to polish up your professional skills. Couple this with the fact that today’s job market is also tight and you have trouble in River City, with a capital T.

Ten Spider Enterprises encourages you to seek student financial aid to further your career education, despite the difficulty induced by the current economic environment and cutbacks in government spending; earning a college degree or simply polishing your job skills by attending some classes can greatly improve your chances of securing the employment opportunity that best matches your career goals. We make your task easier by providing links to college financial aid and college scholarship resources, including scholarship grant and Federal financial aid information. Start your search for student financial aid by checking out College Scholarships, Grants & Student Loans, then take a look at CareerOneStop, a valuable resource for career planning and college financial aid information.

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* “Tens of Thousands Will Lose College Aid, Report Says”, Greg Winter, The New York Times, 18 July 2003

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