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Distance Learning & Online Degree Programs

Distance learning and online degree programs are technology-based solutions for today’s harried professional who, seeking to advance his or her career by earning an additional college degree, may lack the time required for travel to a campus to attend courses on a fixed schedule. Since online college degree programs often target the working professional, their course content is often designed to provide skills and expertise that are in high demand, with curriculums frequently updated to reflect the latest industry concepts, methods and practices.

Online education, also known as distance education or distance learning, began with the concept of correspondence courses, developed in Britain in 1840 by Sir Isaac Pitman. Today, with the maturation of the internet and development of interactive learning technologies, online education has been embraced by both students and learning centers, although not by all educators. Advantages of enrolling in an online degree program include:
  • You can attend college courses online according to your own schedule;
  • You can complete much or all of your education via the internet;
  • An online college degree can usually be earned within two to three years;
  • Online degree curriculums reflect current industry trends, leading to greater opportunities for employment or career advancement;
  • Course work may be designed to be immediately applied within your work environment;
  • You may have the opportunity to interact with experienced professionals within your study program;
  • Faculty often work within the fields they teach.
Distance learning and online degree programs have become a popular way for career-oriented professionals to obtain a second college degree. Working toward a business degree online or obtaining an online masters degree are effective techniques by which a professional can enhance his or her status (and paycheck) within their organization or make themselves more marketable when looking toward career advancement elsewhere. Online nursing degrees are sought after by those who desire to differentiate themselves in the highly competitive nursing career field.

CAVEAT:  Online degree programs should always be properly accredited. Be certain that both the online degree college or online degree university offering the program you are interested in and the online degree program itself are properly accredited, and that the accreditation is recognized where you plan to utilize it (Accreditation acceptance can vary by nation and sometimes by state or province.) before investing your time, money and future in an online degree program.

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