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Computer-Based Training (CBT)

Computer training, computer-based training (CBT), online computer training and computer learning tutorials provide convenient and effective methods by which to learn new skills or reinforce those skills you have already acquired. While computer learning tutorials are still available on CD-ROM disks (somewhat similar to music CDs), the emphasis has shifted to online content delivery.

For the CD-ROM version, when a tutorial disk is placed in the tray of your computer’s CD-ROM drive, the computer tutorial will load automatically or by simple command; you will then participate in a CBT program as it instructs you in the subject you have chosen. For online computer-based training, you simply log in with a username, password and course ID to the teaching website of the company providing the training. Online training offers the convenience of being able to learn on any available computer, while CD-ROMs provide a way to study when no internet connection exists.

Computer-based training, while a popular way to learn about computers or the software programs that run on them, has been extended to a wide variety of topics. An area in which computer-based training has proven especially successful is in teaching children. Kids love games and are naturally attracted to video displays; these two media have merged as educators, entertainment and media experts and computer professionals have worked cooperatively to develop educational games that can be used to engage children in the computer learning process.

Many computer learning tutorials rely upon interactive learning, enabling the student to actually perform tasks being taught as the material is presented. Some computer learning tutorials and other forms of online computer training can react dynamically, altering their responses and teaching paths based upon choices selected by the student. Interactive learning through use of a software learning tool you have installed on your computer or can access online is effective because you can execute commands and immediately see the results as you receive instruction.

Computer learning tutorials and online computer training are great ways to learn because you can truly learn at your own pace, with the ability to pause, return to a previous topic, or even stop for a while if you develop information overload. If you have purchased a computer learning tutorial on CD-ROM, you can use it as a refresher course whenever you like. We highly recommend these convenient computer learning tools. Most computer learning tutorials are relatively inexpensive — equivalent to or cheaper than a textbook or comparable course at a community college.

Computer-based training has been embraced by professional men and women who cannot afford to spend significant amounts of time away from their jobs to attend college courses. Many schools now offer complete online degree programs for working professionals and anyone seeking to further their careers or increase their earning power.

Video Professor®, whose computer tutorials are designed for those seeking to learn new computer skills, provides five free days of online training — just to get you started and show you how easy it is! The Newbie Club™, another excellent source for tuning your computer skills, provides a wealth of free information on their website in addition to their tutorials; better yet, their content is free of geek-speak, so even the most inexperienced computer novice can easily learn.

If you would like to study a foreign language, companies such as Power-Glide and Rosetta Stone® offer language skill computer learning tutorials for a wide variety of languages!

If you are seeking to enhance your knowledge and improve your skills, check out computer-based training and computer learning tutorials today!

Authored by Kenneth L. Anderson.  Original article published 23 June 2003, updated 30 June 2011.

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