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Personality Tests

Your personality type shapes the way you interact with your environment and with those around you. Properly identifying your personality type is an essential part of career assessment because your personality plays a crucial role in determining how and how effectively you perform your job, the types of jobs that will bring you the greatest job satisfaction, and how you interact with your co-workers and supervisors.

Many different types of personality tests and career personality tests are available, including free personality tests and detailed psychological tests. Dr. John Holland’s theory of vocational choice is the basis for many career inventories used today. We have provided information on personality tests here and in the Career Assessment section to help you in performing your career assessment.

Follow links to the right to learn more about personality tests, career personality tests and free personality tests. At the left margin, Related Links address topics of interest pertaining to career assessment services, online education and education financing, computer learning tutorials, and numerous job search engines. View the Career Assessment SiteMap for a complete list of career assessment topics.

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