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Career Assessment

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Career Assessment

Career assessment is the most important first step you can take when seeking employment, yet all too often it is bypassed entirely. Even most job search agencies do not stress this critical component of career building. Whether you are seeking first-time employment or are an experienced member of the workforce, this procedure is absolutely essential if you are serious about capturing the employment opportunity for which you are best suited and which will bring you the greatest degree of job satisfaction.

Career assessment should be divided into three components:  personality profile, skills assessment and needs assessment. Personality profiling identifies who you are; it includes such attributes as attitudes, comfort zones, ego, integrity, loyalty, motivators, prejudices, and work ethic. An individual who undergoes personality profiling may be surprised by what they learn about themselves. Skills assessment includes attributes such as speaking and writing, personal interaction, organizational abilities and job skills. Needs assessment, often (wrongly) set aside in favor of a good-paying job, includes such things as family time, caregiver status (if you have children, a disabled dependent, elderly parent or pets who require your attention), your own physical limitations, transportation and travel distance, and career goals.

To make it convenient for you to begin your assessment right away, we have provided links to career assessment resources to the right.

Career Assessment Review

The goal of career assessment is to identify your strengths, weaknesses and requirements, then make changes that will lead you to the right employment opportunities. Once you have concluded your career assessment, review the results. Look first at your strengths to determine in what directions to focus your efforts and how to develop a plan of attack. Next, analyze your weaknesses. This is difficult for many people to do, but it is essential if your job search is to be successful.

You may discover that your professional or organizational skills need to be honed or updated; your response might be to accomplish this by taking an online college course or by utilizing computer-based training (CBT). If you are not a good writer, you might decide to hire a professional resume writing service to develop a quality resume and accompanying cover letters. If you discover that you do not have sufficient professional recommendations, you may want to contact former business associates to see whether they will agree to give you a letter of recommendation.

Performing a career assessment and a career assessment review will help you to focus on the correct career choice, ultimately leading to a rewarding career and greater job satisfaction.

Authored by Kenneth L. Anderson.  Original article published 2 July 2003, updated 19 July 2013.

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