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Fri Apr 17, 2009

Photo of the Day: Aerial Police Surveillance

A little excitement today. The Vineland police were seeking a suspect in what turned out to be a pretty big manhunt lasting about two hours and apparently concluding a short while ago. I spoke to a police officer who was at one point searching my property (woods) for the suspect. Two police helicopters were involved as well as motorcycle cops and at least one police cruiser (more, I'm sure) parked at the corner of my property for well over an hour. I managed to catch a photo of the first police chopper on the scene as it orbited around my own and adjacent properties.

Aerial Police Surveillance
Police Aerial Surveillance Chopper — Vineland, NJ
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The suspect must have done something really bad to warrant this sort of attention! Usually, there are only deer and wild turkeys running across the property, although this guy may have been the latter.

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Posted by: The Spidermaster on Apr 17, 09 | 8:00 pm | Profile

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