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Ten Spider Blog

Mon May 19, 2008

Ten Spider Enterprises Reaches Half Million Visitor Mark

Today marks a milestone for the Ten Spider Enterprises family of websites. While it did take some time to get there, I am proud to announce that we have today served our 500,000th visitor. Achieving this milestone did not come without considerable effort and a certain amount of sacrifice. While ours is certainly not the most popular site on the web (nor do we have any illusion about becoming such), we do boast a small but loyal following, as is evidenced by frequent searches on our name and a regular assortment of website hits from a multitude of nations worldwide.

In response to our growing popularity, I undertook an initiative late last year which involved splitting the website from its existing two domains (the main site and the Ten Spider Business Center) into a total of five. Ten Spider Pets & Companion Animals (Ten Spider Pets), Ten Spider Technology & Science (Ten Spider Tech) and Ten Spider Weather & Meteorology (Ten Spider Weather) are now separate sites, part of what I consider the Ten Spider Enterprises family of websites. I anticipate that the increased focus brought about through use of unique domains will better establish each site as an individual entity and enhance the ability of each to generate additional traffic. While the sites are still bound by a common menu system at the top and bottom of each page permitting easy access to all Ten Spider theme sets, this may change in the future.

I wish to thank everyone who has visited our websites for their interest. I offer each of you the opportunity to provide feedback so that we can continue improving the sites. At the same time, I encourage you to tell friends and acquaintances about us. If you are reading this post as a webmaster and consider our content to be relevant to your visitors, please feel free to link to us. We have for the past five years been dedicated to providing a manually-edited, safe source of information to our visitors with the goal of encouraging business and personal development. That goal will not change.

Looking back over the past five years, it is hard to believe that our sites began with but a single page and have now grown to encompass nearly 450 pages and thousands of links covering a wide variety of topics. I am optimistic that, with your help, the second half million visitors will arrive much more quickly than did the first.

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Posted by: The Spidermaster on May 19, 08 | 8:00 pm | Profile

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