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Enhanced Online Travel & Destination Guides

We have enhanced our Online Travel & Destination Guides, adding numerous links to new guides. These online travel guides range from general descriptions of a region to detailed travelogues in which individuals who have actually visited a specific location recount their adventures and mishaps.

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Two country guides deserve special mention. If you have ever thought about travel to Greece, you owe it to yourself to visit Matt Barrett's Greece Travel Guide. This website, which showcases Greece and the Greek Islands, represents a tremendous personal achievement by Matt. It is clear that Matt truly loves Greece and, if you view this website, you may too. Even if you aren't planning a trip to Greece but would just like to know what it is like, this is the site to visit to find out!

The next guide with which I am quite impressed is This site, published by Gicela Morales and Steve Bridger, has actually been listed with us for about two years and just keeps getting better. If you take a trip through this site, you'll feel right at home in Mexico!

The internet is a powerful tool for trip planning. Our Travel & Getaways section is small but growing, and we have some resources that may be hard to find elsewhere. Many internet resources are available; use them to plan a rewarding and enjoyable business trip, vacation or getaway.

Posted by: The Spidermaster on May 03, 05 | 1:30 am | Profile


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