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Ten Spider Blog Online Archives

July 2007 Online Archives

Thu Jul 12, 2007

Super Typhoon Man-yi Updates

Since the passing of Super Cyclonic Storm Gonu in the Arabian Sea in June 2007, I have had no time to post to the blog. While I apologize for my silence, I have been very busy reformatting and expanding the Tropical Cyclone, Typhoon & Hurricane Tracking Center to provide improved storm coverage. Since the Center rather than the blog serves as the primary source for tropical cyclone information on this site, the blog has noticeably suffered.

Now we have Super Typhoon Man-yi, which was also designated as Typhoon Bebeng when it entered the Philippine area of responsibility. This storm has just been upgraded to super typhoon status in JTWC Warning 022 issued at 2100 UTC and is about to wallop Okinawa in the Western North Pacific with a potentially devastating blow. Man-yi is the first super typhoon of the 2007 season. I have included a link to the Okinawa Weather Radar (on which the eye is already clearly visible), and will add a link to the Japan radar loop as Man-yi approaches southern Japan. These links will remain in place following the storm's passage.

Super Typhoon MAN-YI
Super Typhoon MAN-YI, Infrared Image at 1856 UTC 12 July 2007, as it approaches
Okinawa (obscured by the cloud shield). Taiwan and the coast of China are to the left
with the northern Philippines at the lower left.
Photo courtesy Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center (FNMOC)

For those of you not familiar with our Tropical Cyclone, Typhoon & Hurricane Tracking Center, it comprises near real-time satellite photos and tropical cyclone tracking plots, real-time weather radar images or loops where available, and links to other tropical cyclone resources worldwide. I have recently included the synoptic surface analysis for the tropical North Atlantic as well as regional satellite coverage for the Western Pacific Ocean. I will be adding regional satellite for the Indian Ocean very soon.

I have also begun creation of a tropical cyclone archive for storms we have covered. The archive will be built slowly as time permits. I invite anyone who has taken photos during a tropical cyclone or its aftermath, or who has a storm story to tell, to contribute to the archive.

Keeping up with the constant stream of new data when tropical cyclones are active can be challenging, especially when these storms are occurring on the opposite side of the World, as is frequently the case. Over the last two nights I have retired late and have awakened at 2 AM and 3:30 AM, respectively, averaging about four hours sleep per night. This is necessary in order to provide visitors in the danger zone with the most current information available collected at one central location. Despite the fact that I am "dog tired," I relish the task because I know there are those of you out there who benefit from my efforts.

I recently created a lens on Squidoo (my first) to publicize the Tropical Cyclone, Typhoon & Hurricane Tracking Center. If you visit the Center and like what you see, please go to our Squidoo lens and cast your vote to help boost our popularity.

Anyway, I have to get back to updating the storm. I wish you all the best and hope that those in the path of Man-yi are able to "weather" the storm OK.

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Posted by: The Spidermaster on Jul 12, 07 | 9:20 pm | Profile

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